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Cheap Car Hire Queensland

Car rental touring in Queensland - Queensland is Australia’ssecond-largest State, covering 1 727 200 square kilometres in the continent’s north-eastcornet Of its 3 500 000 residents, 54 per cent live outside the capital Brisbane, making Queensland Australia’s most decentralized State. World-famous natural features have earned Queensland a reputation as a premier holiday destination with both interstate and international tourists. The hassle of finding a great car hire in Queensland deal is made easier by going through Airport Rent a Car.


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Queensland car rental Natural wonders - Queensland’s east coast is a narrow strip of beaches, headlands, lagoons, estuaries and mangrove swamps between the Pacific Ocean and the Great Dividing Range. Offshore, the islands and coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reefform one of the great wonders of the natural world — a marine playground without peer. Ancient rain forests cover the Great Dividing Range and west of the range, tableland country with rich volcanic soil supports some of Australia’s most productive agricultural regions. Inland lie the vast plains of the Gulf and Channel country. Meandering rivers, dry for much of the year, empty into the mangrove swamps and tidal flats of the Gulf and wind towards the interior of Australia in a maze of channels. Run-off from tropical rains on the western slopes of the Great Dividing Range over millions of years has seeped under the plains to create the Great Artesian Basin.

Two-thirds of Queensland is in the tropics. The north-east coast is subject to monsoon conditions during the Wet, which runs from November to April. The subtropical south-east coast has warm, humid summers tempered by sea breezes, while summers on the plains are hot and dry. Queensland — from the outback to the tropics — is best visited from May to October, when the climate is pleasantly Mild and dry. Take our our air conditioned rental cars from Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or Cairns Airport Queensland and cruise in comfort

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