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Cheap Car Hire Tasmania

Car rental touring in Tasmania - Tasmania’s beauty has won more hearts than it can claim square kilometres.Tourism is Tasmania’s fastest growing industry, with over half a million visitors now arriving each year. Tasmania is a niche rather than a mass tourist destination. It offers clean air and water, a choice of accessible or remote wilderness, beaches, historic sites and villages, quality food, distinctive cool­climate wines, and numerous fishing opportunities. The hassle of finding a great car hire in Tasmania deal is made easier by going through Airport Rent a Car.


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Car rental touring Tasmania The locals - Tasmania’s population of 471 900 is the smallest of the Australian States. Overseas immigration to Tasmania has, for economic reasons, always been low, contributing only 0.05 per cent to its population increase in recent years. Tasmania has fewer residents born overseas than other States and so is less ethni­cally and culturally diverse. Aboriginal people (Palawa) migrated to Tasmania about 35 000 years ago. They numbered between 4000 and 10 000 on the eve of white settlement. Divided into nine groups, they led a nomadic life, moving from place to place with the seasonal changes iq the supply of shellfish, seals, birds, marsupials, and fruit and nuts.

Two-thirds of Tasmania is too rugged and wet for farming or grazing; however, agriculture occupies 2 100 000 hectares of land in the north, Midlands and south-east. Unable to compete with the large-scale farming of the mainland, Tasmania has developed boutique agricultural and aqua-cultural industries producing high-quality gourmet fare. Cool-climate wines, lobster, abalone, oysters and Tasmanian salmon, apples, berries and other fruit, and quality dairy products are now being exported beyond Australia. Many visitors to Tasmania come to eat and drink their way around the island. Tasmania’s busy holiday period is December to March and bookings should be made well in advance. Travel options include a heavily subsided car ferry from Melbourne or the fly/drive packages, which are popular with travellers from further afield. Visit all these wonderful sites by booking with Airport Car Rental in Tasmania.

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