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Cheap Car Hire Victoria


Car rental touring in Victoria - VIC is Australia’s second smallest State with an area of 227 420 square kilometres, just 3 per cent of the continent’s total land-mass. It has, however, a remarkably diverse landscape, industry, culture and population. The hassle of finding a great car hire in Victoria deal is made easier by going through Airport Rent a Car.


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Victoria car rental small state, rich resources - Eastern Victoria is dominated by the Great Dividing Range. Heavy rainfalls provide winter snow for the ski resorts and water for the rivers flowing inland. The Murray River, rising in the high country, flows north-west through farming and grazing country to the semi-arid plains of the Mallee. The Goulburn River passes through central Victoria before joining the Murray. Irrigation schemes on the banks of these two rivers support orchards and grape-growing.The semi-arid Mallee country of north-west Victoria supports wheat and sheep. South of the majestic granite Grampians, the golden-brown Wimmera landscape gives way to the rich wool country of the Western District. Victoria’s wild south-west coast is known for its shipwrecks and dramaticsea-stranded sandstone formations, most notably the Twelve Apostles. Gippsland, in eastern Victoria, supports dairying in the lush foothills of the high country. The vast brown coal deposits of central Gippsland generate electricity to power Victorian industry. The stunning beaches, inlets, lakes and lagoons of the coast are renowned for commercial fishing and summer tourism. No matter what your preferred attraction, a Melbourne Airport Victoria car rental will probably prove essential

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