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Cheap Car Hire Western Australia

Car rental touring in Western Australia - Western Australia, the nation’s largest State, covers an area of 2529000 square kilometres. This is one third of the total area of the continent, yet its population of 1 805 400 (just 10 per cent of the national total) is concentrated around the capital city of Perth. In geographical terms, Western Australia is the country’s most remote State: Perth is considerably closer to Singapore than it is to the cities of Australia’s eastern seaboard. The hassle of finding a great car hire deal in Western Australia is made easier by going through Airport Rent a Car.


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Car rental touring Western Australia Modern exploration - Travellers to the south of the State can enjoy the tem­perate Mediterranean-style climate year-round. Those planning to visit the tropical north should go during the dry season (May to October), while outback adventurers should avoid the summer. In most parts of the State, long distances separate towns. Travellers intending to explore remote areas should familiarise themselves with prevailing condi­tions, ensure that their vehicles are roadworthy and carry adequate supplies of water, food and petrol.

Western Australia occupies the world’s most ancient landscape. A vast eroded plateau covers much of the State. In the far north lies The Kimberley, a remote, mythic land of strangely worn mountains, rock formations and gorges. A little to the south the majestic Hamersley Range, rich with deposits of iron ore, rises from red plains. Around Perth, river valleys, escarpments, vineyards and forests form a border to the outer suburbs. In the south-west, giant jarrah and karri forests cover much of the landscape, while tO the south-east, the treeless Nullarbor Plain lies across the world’s largest limestone slab.

Trackless deserts and arid plains separate Western Australia from the rest of the continent. This natural border has created a zone of biological isolation that has produced unique native flora. Wildflowers carpet the deserts, plains and valleys in spring; some 75 per cent of the 11 000 or so species found in Western Australia are found nowhere else in the world.

The 12 500-kilometre coastline starts in the Timor Sea, stretches out along the Indian Ocean, and sweeps east to meet the Southern Ocean. Its far north section is one of the most remote coastal areas in the world. Around the tropical resort town of Broome are long sandy, beautiful beaches. Further south is the World Heritage-listed Shark Bay, with its prolific population of dolphins, dugongs and turtles and its strange stromatolites, said to represent life in its most ancient form. Along the entire coast, hundreds of surf beaches, coves, inlets, harbours, headlands, cliffs, islands and offshore reefs provide opportunities for every kind of water recreation. Visit all these wonderful sites by booking with Airport Car Rental in Western Australia.

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